Journalist Decision Support System (JDSS)

- Crawl Twitter for Posts with User Generated Content (UGC)

- Real-time Interactive Browsing of 1,000,000+ Posts

- Sentiment, Fake and Eyewitness Media Labelling

- Trusted Fact and Claim Extraction: Languages supported English, French, German, Spanish

Browse UGC in Time & Space » Find Original Posts » Verify » Publish

The JDSS has been developed by the University of Southampton, IT Innovation Centre under the REVEAL project which is a European funded (FP7) research project (Grant Agreement no 610928).

To use JDSS you need to login using your Google Sign-in and tell us which organisation you belong to (if any). This information will not be sold or made available for use outside of the University of Southampton. See privacy policy for full details.

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